Parenting is Deep Activism

I’m in the middle of doing a long-distance course on Parenting as a Spiritual Practice with Miriam Martineau of Integral Parenting – which is brilliant. Tonight I’ve just been listening to an inspiring talk Miriam gave in which she talks about Parenting as Deep Activism – parenting for evolution – raising children who can evolve our culture. I certainly recommend a listen.

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About Joanna Watters

I love to support people to meet each moment as it actually is, to accept it, and even to welcome it. From this comes such a good sense of connection, resource, relief. And from this place sustainable, positive actions can and do arise, flexible with love rather than tight with fear. I very much enjoy working with parents - because as parents we have such an amazing and challenging opportunity to meet each moment afresh as we meet our child, who is newer to this world than us, fresh and full of life, and yet also needing our guidance and direction in how to navigate living. I have always worked with families and children - starting at a Bristol City Farm, and then becoming a primary school teacher, and then working with teenage parents for a Devon-based charity, Family Education Development Trust until they folded in 2011. This year I have completed an online training for professionals with Hand in Hand Parenting whose approach to parenting continues to inspire me. And also been a participant on Miriam Martineau's online course: Parenting as a Spiritual Practice which was also very inspiring. I draw on my own experience of being raised by loving parents, and then being a mother to two sons in a split family, and educated in Steiner and State schools, and having received years of exceptional guidance through movement, enquiry and meditation in how to live this life as an embodiment of conscious nature.

2 thoughts on “Parenting is Deep Activism

  1. Your words resonate Joanna and what a terrific link…well worth the time to listen and I hope to get another chance or two. Would love to know what opportunities are available to connect with you and the work you are doing in an ongoing way? x

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